Saturday, January 7, 2012

Neon Light Splendor

We were fortunate in 2011 to take several driving trips and when we do I am always on the lookout for old or cool neon signs. We saw some great ones this year culminating in a real gem for Zimmerman Ford in St. Charles, IL. (last photo)

On our trip to Ft. Lauderdale in February, we ran across these two great signs. We did a drive by the Tropical Acres and it had a great MCM exterior design.

We went to a vintage car show in Omro, WI in May. We snapped this shot along the main thoroughfare in Omro.

This awesome sign was in Jefferson, WI. It is for their drive-in theater. We watched a movie from our lawn chairs on a cool August evening. We even had the requisite old style speaker by our car. It was great fun.

To me the best time to take a picture of a neon sign is right around dusk. We ran across this sign just at the sun was setting in Rockford, IL.

Our Thanksgiving trip had us driving from Tulsa, OK to Duncan, OK. We pulled off for a bite to eat in Stroud, OK and came across this sign. It sits on old Route 66. The vertical nature of this sign is just fantastic. For the first time ever, I saw a small plaque at the bottom of the sign and it marked the maker of the sign, Tuny Monday. I did a quick search and found that Tuny Monday was a competitive body builder back in the day as well as a neon sign maker. He is now in his 80's but is still associated with neon as the owner of Electrical Displays in Oklahoma City.

We drove down the main drag of Stroud and came across this sign. I have never seen a neon sign for an ATM like this. I really wish we could have seen this one at night.

In September, we went to the Kane County Overnight Flea Market. On the drive through St. Charles, IL, we passed this sign for Zimmerman Ford. What a fantastic sign. I just love the starburst with the multi colored neon points. I am curious what the insignia is in the middle. If anyone knows, please let me know.

2011 was a great year to view some new neon signs, I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings!