Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage Sightings in IL

This past June we headed to the Route 66 garage sale that was based around Lincoln, IL. There is a lot of Route 66 down that way and each year they have a big citywide garage sale. It was a hot day but we really had a blast. We passed this old neon sign many times going back and forth from the hotel. I don't remember the building being very cool but I do love the sign.

Here is an old donut shop from the 50's. Mel-O-Creme. By the time we got there they were closed but I was able to get a shot of the great little sitting area where you could sit back and enjoy your creme donut and a cup of joe. The top is formica with a white base and gold flecks in it. There were a couple little holders by each seat. It looked like napkins and maybe sweetner where in there.

On the drive home, we made a stop in Bloomington, IL. The first thing we saw was their amazing City Hall building. It was Saturday so we could not go in but I was able to get some great exterior shots. I have tried to research who designed the building but have not been able to find anything. The building is more beautiful in person and in great shape. There is a police station across the parking lot that is of similar design but not nearly as cool.

Notice the driveup window in the picture below.

As we continued to drive around town we ran across the high school. WOW is all I could say. I would never leave this school if I went there.

The last cool thing we ran across was this awesome vintage sign. The plaza itself had been redone but it looks like they keep the original sign.

We really enjoyed our trip into the heartland of IL and came away with some great memories and photos.


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