Friday, September 16, 2011

Yellow and Jade Green Vintage Bathroom

We love our beautiful vintage bathrooms. Earlier in the blog, I featured our Pink and Green bathroom. This is what we consider the master bathroom though it is not directly connected to the master bedroom. The key color combination in the bathroom is yellow and jade green. All the woodwork is a great blonde color.

The floor is original with various size tiles and the tiles have yellow in darker and lighter shades with a dark grout.

The tub, sink and toilet are jade green. The tile is a nice light shade of yellow.

We have a spacious built-in medicine cabinet that looks as new as the day it was installed. It has three shelves to place items and is very convenient. The lighting is great and is provided by the two lights on the side. The base cabinet has six drawers and is great for storage.

The sink with the hundee ring is in great condition.

Of all the rooms in a vintage home, I am just really drawn to original baths and kitchens. There is no mistaking a 50's bathroom. The color combinations are fun and the workmanship is off the charts. Our tile seems like it is brand new.


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