Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kitchen Makeover . . . Howard Johnson style

 Our bathroom makeover has been put on hold due to starting our kitchen makeover.  We felt we needed to get that moving and done then finish the bathroom.

The kitchen is very small.  It is mostly 1963 original.  We don't have a lot of money to spend sprucing it up but we put together a plan to increase some functionality as well as give it a nice 60's vibe on a budget.  We plan to use the 60's Howard Johnson's color palate of aqua, white and orange.  Perhaps a bit daring but I just love that color combination and I think it really says "Welcome to our swinging sixties kitchen".

The functionality part of the plan needed to take into account that the counter space is very limited and that we needed to find a place for the microwave so that it does not take up valuable counter space. 

To do this, we decided to go from the current configuration of a separate wall oven and cooktop (in photo below the big open hole is where the wall oven was) to just a range.  We decided to cutout below the cooktop so we would have a place for the range.  We would then create a space in the old wall oven area for the microwave.  

Enter our local handyman, he cutout the area below the cooktop.

He then had the great idea of taking the cabinet doors from where he did the cutout and move them to enclose part of the open area where the wall oven was.  I just loved this idea and it helped us address our concern of having the microwave in this cavernous hole.  It also gave us more storage area and who doesn't like more storage.  He cut the cabinet doors to fit and then installed a shelf so that we can put the microwave in there.  I feel like adding the shelf and doors really finishes off the area.

Looks like our dog Peanut approves!

We did a dry run with our free aqua range to make sure it fit and worked.  The good news is that it fit and the cooktop works.  The bad news is that the lower element in the oven does not work. 
So I will need to see if I can find a replacement.

Up next, find out what happens when you try to remove 4x4 ceramic tiles and formica that were installed in 1963!  Let's just say it ain't pretty!



  1. IM in love with your aqua range! I CANNOT wait to see how everything else goes. I wish I was to the appliance and decorating stage in my renovation!

  2. Just found your site! LOVE that aqua range, and am completely obsessed with HoJo's, so I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. You can definitely find parts for the stove. We have a '63 Frigidaire Deluxe, and I have a parts box going. You may have to get it from eBay, but the oven element should still be available.

  4. We are doing the same thing with a similar looking kitchen.

    We had to get rid of the ceiling lighting...took out those panels and put in pot lighting...made the kitchen look way larger. We have a large "in set" up there where the pot lights went.

    We went with vintage like flooring that was a splatter pattern with lighter colors but still vintage.

    Have not painted cupboards yet..cannot decide. All white seems too much..but then all orange is nuts. I admire what you are doing and that stove is awesome!!!

  5. I LOVE THIS! Your aqua oven/cooktop looks so amazing! Where oh where did you get it?!
    Can't wait to see what the cupboard re-furb looks like!