Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy Atomic Car

Cabin fever has hit us here in Madison, so Dave and I played the "Where are we going" game today. To play the game I listed the numbers 1-10 on a sheet of paper. Then I had him pick numbers from one to ten in random order but he could only use each number once. Then he had to pick a direction, left, right or straight to go after each number. What we ended up with was a road map and we really don't know where we were going. For example, we had to turn right from our street, drive 3 miles, turn left, drive 6 miles turn right, etc. It was quite fun and we saw some nice sites along the way.

We ended up driving mostly through WI farmland but did drive through a small town called Belleville. We saw a great old Ford Neon sign there.

We passed some very pretty snowy sites on a sunny day.

But best of all we ran across this crazy atomic car. It was just around a bend on the side of an outbuilding. From what we can tell it was drivable at some point. There was one seat in the front and a steering wheel. They painted the tires silver to match the car. I love the antenna on top. It looks like you have to enter it from the top. Could it be based on a Camaro? The steering wheel and the front end might suggest that. Notice the funky lights on it as well. Hopefully some day we can find out more about this crazy atomic car.

Our road map lead us to our final destination which put us in Oregon, WI. We found this great little mod beauty shop. I really love the lines on this building.

We had such a great day and saw such unexpected things. What fun!


  1. Thanks Pam, kinda crazy cool. I really want to go back some day and ask them about it.

  2. I've seen that car many times driving to Belleville and thought...weird! I think we would get along great, we share the same name, same city and same love of the 50's!

  3. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the comment. I agree, drop me a line if you like at I would love to hear from you. The "other" Rebecca