Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vintage Lightingpalooza

One of the things I really love about collecting and living vintage is the fun and cool lighting of the time. Last weekend we had a lightingpalooza. We found a set of great lamps and an awesome single lamp both at the same dealer on the same day. He had so many great lamps it was hard to choose but we managed to get down to these three.

The pair of lamps we got have figural bottoms and nice barrel fiberglass shades. This set in in excellent condition. They were made by the Continental Art company. They are black and white with small dots of pink and aqua on them. Could they be any more fifties? We have placed these in the living room along with our pink frieze couch and planter based glass tables. We have some pictures for the wall that I think will work and will fill in the space once we get them up.

The second find was this awesome bullet planter type lamp. I have never seen one like it. I love bullet planters so this light was a real find. The fiberglass is white and in good shape. The legs and finial are wood painted black. We put this in the corner on our Heywood Wakefield corner bookcase. The lighting it throws is great especially with it being in the corner.

Happy Hunting!



  1. PLEASE let me know if you want to sell it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!