Saturday, January 1, 2011

Amazing Shopping Mall in the 60's

I was travelling through Ohio and stopped at a small antique store. I was looking through the postcards and came across the most amazing shopping mall postcards. I found two of them for the Chris-Town mall in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out the installation of Nelson bubble lights!!

I did a little research and it was the first air conditioned mall in Phoenix. It opened in August of 1961. If you have a few minutes there is a great website devoted to the Mall in it's heyday with some excellent photos and history. If only there was time travel! I would be suiting up to make a visit to Chris-Town mall in the 60's. Enjoy!

Check out this link:

On the back of the top postcard:
West Mall
The spacious, enclosed Mall. 1,000 feet long, offers a constant comfortable temperature winter and summer. Park-style benches and lush landscaping afford the shoppers rest and relaxation during their visits to the Center.

On the back of the bottom postcard:
Court of Flowers
Ferdinand the Bull rests in a paradise of blossoms and tropical plants in this east courtyard. A sidewalk cafe adds an old-world touch to the advanced architectural styling.

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