Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Vintage Pink Bathroom

We are very lucky in our home in Madison that we have three vintage, original 50's bathrooms. One is jade green and yellow, one is pink and minty green and the half bath is brown and a peachy, pink color. When we moved in all the bathrooms were in very good condition.

For the pink and green bathroom, the only thing we did was pick a minty green color to complement the green tile. I had curtains made of pink chenille and hung them on a tension rod as the windows are more narrow than wide. I had the curtains made to hang inside the windows so that the beautiful blonde woodwork around the windows would show.

Today I have pictures of the pink and green bathroom. It is a full bathroom with a tub and a water closet for the toilet. The people that built the house had 4 children and their father had moved in with them so the bathrooms needed to do double and triple duty.

The second family that owned the house had a teenage daughter and I am assuming she is the one that added the funky 70's wallpaper to the bathroom.

The base cabinet has great storage and there are double sinks. It has the original ameoba formica in pinks and greys

I have it decorated in a theme called Ooh La La. It is a set of bathroom accessories I found at Kmart. It is fun and I think fits very well in this vintage bathroom.

I have been collecting California Pottery for about 15 years. My favorite is Hedi Schoop pieces. I have this pink wicker piece I picked up at a California flea market many years ago. It fits perfectly here. The bottom holds incidentals and the top is perfect for displaying my "ladies".

There was a towel bar where the pink wicker piece sits but since we use this as a guest bathroom we can spare it. I found this great pole towel bar. It has three plastic rings on it that will hold the smaller towels.

As I mentioned it has a water closet. The door shuts for privacy if you have someone else in the bathroom with you.

I put a small pink wicker shelf in here to hold a few more ceramics. Here you can see the 70's wallpaper.

The floor is original as well. I believe this is called a basketweave pattern. It is in very good condition.

One of the reasons we bought this house was for the absolute awesome vintage bathrooms. Nothing gets my blood flowing like an original, vintage bathroom. =-)



  1. I love your bathroom! Everything goes great together & it looks like it's in MINT condition. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love the play on words. Thanks Leah!

  3. We just purchased your pink toilet off Craigslist and a matching Kohler pink sink. We are trying to get our bathroom back to it's 50's roots. We have the same countertop in our kitchen I love the pattern. Where did you buy the pink wicker shelves? We live in the Milwaukee area so it may be a place we have too.
    Your bathroom looks great BTW!

  4. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for the nice comments. We got our shelving unit in CA at a flea market. I will keep an eye out for you here in Madison. Happy Hunting and good luck with the bathroom.