Sunday, December 27, 2009

Final 2009 Vintage Christmas Post

I thought I would wrap up my 2009 Vintage Christmas with shots of some of my favorite pieces. The real standout that I picked up in 2009 was a pair that has a little boy on the phone with Santa and then the other piece is one of Santa on the other end of the line. I think this is just one of the most precious sets I have seen. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to sharing my 2010 finds next year.

I just love these ceramic Christmas trees. My stepfather gave me a white one with red bulbs in 2008. I picked this one up at an Estate sale for $5 and I have a much smaller one that is white with pink bulbs. This one is neat because of the "snow" on the branches. I love the purple bulbs as well.

I have a pair of these Howard Holt pieces. I got them in a box lot at an auction. They are so cute with the separate "traffic light" that they look up at.

I also have a pair of these angels. You just slip them over the candle. I put them in the same spot every year because I just love the way they look.

If you see this piece in person, his nose is a red bulb. I am not sure why it came out looking so yellow.

This is the pair I referenced earlier. So cute!

This was a great 2008 find. I got him at the Elkhorn, WI flea market from a guy who sells some really neat vintage Christmas items. He is musical as well. You just give Santa a couple of turns and he plays Christmas music.

Here's to a great vintage 2010

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