Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spoke to Soon

Well if I am going to post a "final" 2009 Vintage Christmas post, I should probably wait until I have completed my after Christmas Antique Mall shopping. We headed down today to the Rockford, IL area. We have a few antique shops down that way we like to hit around Christmas. I found a few items that I don't want to wait another 12 months to share.

The first find of the day was not a Christmas item. It is a cool green tv lamp (in the back in this picture). I made it a bit more Christmasy by adding some vintage plastic flowers that I found later in the day. I picked up a plastic sleigh for the plastic room, some neat little snowmen, a ceramic snow lady with a muff, a plastic cutout ornament for the aluminum tree, a pretty silver ornament for the white tree, a terrific Howard Holt Santa and a Japan Santa decanter.

The Santa decanter was a great find. His hat has a cork base and comes off. It is in perfect condition. He has four small mugs that have hooks on his side to rest on. Everything was in great condition and I see this piece finding a nice home on our vintage bar. In the background you can see some corrugated "brick" paper. There was a booth with several rolls. I grabbed 4 rolls. They were a $1 each and then I got a 10% discount when I check out. I would have picked up a couple more rolls had I known that.
This Howard Holt piece caught my eye in one of the mall cases. He was low and I could have easily missed him. He is very cool. You can put two candles in the red parts on his hat and then there is also a place to put flowers in the middle of his hat. I love HH pieces. They are truly the most whimsical.
Since I was doing another Christmas post, I thought I would add this as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, I feel in love with beaded ornaments this year. So I searched Ebay and found two NOS kits. I thought I would try my hand at putting one together. So this shot is of the outside of the kit and what the ornament should look like. Below is what I completed. I am pretty happy with it. I did not add the bow as I just did not think I could make that happen.

Well we are heading to Milwaukee on Monday to scour the Malls for some great Christmas items. If I purchase anything that is noteworthy I will post it. Then maybe we can really call it a final post.


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  1. Rebecca,
    Fun site! Found you through your comment's on Pam's retrorenovation. I'm a bit obsessive, but I may have met my match! Your site makes me smile. I'm a fellow Wisconsinite - we reside in LaCrosse in a 1957 redwood ranch house. Trying to bring it back to its original glory. I absolutely LOVE aqua betty! We have a 1966 white and aqua colored Suburban named Lilly. (Flew out to Oregon about 8 years ago and drove her back to WI.) One day, we'll pull a snazzy vintage camper behind her!
    I'd love to bring atomic crash parties to WI! I have a blog too, it's called The Peaceful Atom, and the plan was to post mid century coolness on it, but my kids are so cute, that they tend to appear more than my good finds. I hope to get better at my posts in 2010.
    I'm thrilled to know about the vintage camper show in Montecello. 2010 - we are THERE.
    I'm happy to know about your site!