Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage Furniture Postcards Cont . . .

Here is a great sofa and chair set. The deep forest green makes the blond wood work of the tables really pop. It looks like they reused some of the accessories in these postcards. The curtains for this set are the same curtains for the yellow dinette set in the previous post. I also think the picture in this and the next postcard are the same.

The cost of this set was a regular $249.50 value but with this postcard it was only $199.50. I wonder if the person that got these postcards ever used one to get a discount. This set came in green, beige and red. It is a mohair frieze material and had premium steel coil springs throughout. No wonder these sofas are so heavy when you find one and try to load it in the car.

This desk was marketed as a Bright Idea for Mother's Day. It has a fine grain lime oak finish, trim set back front styling and modern polished brass handles. The desk was $87.50 and the chair was $12.75. The curtains in this photo are the same curtains from the gray Permalux set in the previous post.

More to come!


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