Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Set of Vintage Furniture Postcards

Here are the last 4 vintage furniture postcards that I have.

Here is one of those super heavy sofa sleepers. One arm has a large storage compartment for linens. It is covered in high quality mohair blend frieze by Shelton Mills in Grey, Beige or Green. It folds out to a full size bed and was priced at $259.50.

Here is a cute dinette. The ad has the key features of the dinette.
Solid steel legs for grace and strength
Soft foam rubber seats for comfort
Newest style self storing leaf for convenience
Warm knotty pine plastic top for beauty.

It was on sale for $127.50 I am not sure knotty pine and plastic usually go together but it seems to work on this set.

This is one of the more traditional settings for this set of postcards. The tables and lamps are more traditional. There is a nice fringe on the bottom of the davenport and chair. The ad on the back says the cover is Dupont Fiber E in a smart textured pile, trellis pattern. Fiber E is a tried and proven fabric that has excellent wearing qualities and high resilience that keeps it looking fresh and new. It is completely moth-proof and can be washed or dry cleaned with ease. It came in French Grey, spruce green or persimmon red. It was on sale for $199.50. I a curious what the difference is between a davenport and a sofa. Anyone know?

Despite the beautiful sofa and chairs in the this postcard the ad on the back is for the tables. It is a great assortment of tables. You have one stepped, one corner, and then two matching tables but on different sides of the room. The corner table was priced at $27.50 and the rest were $18.95. It says they are skillfully made of fine oak in a limed finish with smart, new set-back tops. The red chairs in front are amazing and it is interesting to see they mixed a more contemporary lamp with a more traditional lamp.

I hope you have enjoyed these postcards. I thought they were a real find and have enjoyed sharing them. I think it would be so cool to have been able to walk into a furniture store in the 50's and see row after row of these cool furniture sets all brandy new and shiny.


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