Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Furniture Store Postcards

There was this great antique store in Columbus, WI (no longer there) that had lots of great of paper products for a pretty good price. We found vintage magazines (I am trying to collect all Better Homes and Gardens from 1/50 - 12/59) and postcards etc. We found these great old furniture store postcards there. They are from Ted Brening Furniture and Appliances in La Crosse, Kansas. I googled the name of the store and could not find anything so I have to assume they are no longer in business.

The concept was that you would get one of these postcards each month and if you collected all 12 for the year you could bring them in for a 10% discount. I love these because they are just very well put together furniture sets and they are in color. Great vivid color. They are from the mid 50's - 1954 and 1955. They are a great representation of that time. I have 13 of these cards and will spread them over a few posts. Take a moment and really take a look at them. They give us some great info on rugs, wallpaper and various accessories to the furniture itself. Enjoy!

This postcard was for Christmas. It has one of my favorite color schemes, dark green, chartreuse and red. The wall treatment on the fireplace wall is very interesting. The back of the card lists some of the prices for items. The most expensive is the platform rocker at $69.50. The tables run from $13.95 - $19.95 and the mirror is priced at $19.95. The furniture arrangement is interesting. The coffee table is just out in the middle of things. I love the hassock but maybe just a bit to close to the fireplace.

Here is a beautiful sofa and chair. The description on the front says it is a new mohair blend frieze and comes in olive, green, beige and gray and you can get a contrasting black outline if you like. The set was priced at $279.50. The base springs were guaranteed to never, never break. There is a great shared table in the corner with very cool hairpin legs. The lamp is very unusual with the wire frame around the base. There is an interesting pop of color in the lamp shade.

I really LOVE this postcard. Look at that wallpaper. This is titled Shaded Palomino Mahogany. They mention it is an exciting new wood finish which will give your bedroom a feeling of newness and freshness. I had a similar hand me down set of this when I was growing up. I would love to have the set today but my parents painted it white and then gave it away.

The last postcard for today is this great yellow dinette set. They describe it as a popular size drop leaf table and modern chairs. It was regularly $119.75 but on sale in the month of July with this postcard for $99.75. I love the flaired legs of the table. Oh and how shiny is that chrome. We all know the sets we see and would love to have this type of chrome still in tact. The rest of the description says it is stain and heat resistant, the chairs have the newest design with nubby Duran seats and backs that is easily washable. It also carries the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Stay tuned, I will be posting more postcards very soon.



  1. My favorite is the bright yellow dining set. The drop leaf table reminds me so much of my great grandmothers table and the fun times with her when I was a child.

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