Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage Furniture Postcards Cont . .

First off I want to welcome the folks that have stopped by after reading about this blog on Atomic Addiction. Brian is the one who inspired me to start a blog so I appreciate the mention on his site.

Here is a great forest green sofa and chair. The sofa back folds down and you can use it as a bed. There is a hidden compartment that holds your bedding. The fabric is a nubby tweed and it came in forest green, rose or beige. It sold for $94.50

There is some great accessory detail in this postcard. If you look at the picture above the sofa it has two oriental shelf sitters with some sort of background to the shadowbox. Each table has a pretty bird ceramic and it looks like there are a few ashtrays laying around as well. The curved supports on the tables are very cool. The blond feet on the sofa and chair go very well with the tables.

Here is a great bedroom set. The postcard describes it as being made of fine grain oak with an easy to care for Limed Oak finish. The chest and double dresser are fully dust proof. I wonder what that means. All pieces were available as a set for $199.75. They don't mention separate nightstands so I am thinking the nightstands are built in. What do you all think? Interesting there is no hardware on the chest or dresser.

What beautiful slipper chairs. We have quite a collection of mismatched but cool chairs. When we run across them it is just so hard to pass them by especially if they are $1-$5.

The postcard describes these as expertly crafted of fine quality material by master craftsmen. They have a back post for extra support. The fabric is a modern nubby tweed flecked with gold Lurex. They came in two colors persimmon and dark green. They suggest you buy them as one or a pair for the many useful purposes around the house - by a corner window, by your picture window, in the front hall, in your sewing or amusement room, as a host chair or for televiewing. I am not sure I have ever heard a room described as an amusement room or the term televiewing. You could purchase one of these beauties for $38.50.

Stay tuned, I have one more set of postcards to post.


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